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Today, it was the resumption of the beauty contests after a period of confinement COVID 19. A breed special organised 10mn from home, it couldn't be missed!
K'M Misaki was competing in the Open Female class for a CAC to complete the homologation of a French Champion title.
K'M Ryuk was competing in her very first dog show in the Youth class.

Ryuk was perfect; he presented himself very well, didn't panic in the ring, allowed himself to be handled by the judge for the teeth test and was very comfortable in the paces.
His first competition earned him an Excellent, Best Youth. Very proud of baby Ryuk and especially of the comments of the judge, Mrs Brigitte Dugue.
He was very close to being the best male; his youth (10 months) did not allow him to compete with the very beautiful male in the Open class with a more accomplished morphology (Nefenhyr des Rives du Fleuve Léna - called Nolan). But the judge warned: a few more months, and he would have been will be able to compete with the upper classes without any problems!

For Misaki, the results are much more mixed... In the Open female class, she was confronted with two other females with very different types.
Not finishing in first place is not a problem in itself. But to finish in third place on the main reason that she could have been more "full" seems to me disproportionate... I let you judge it through the photos taken below.
It's the hard law of exhibitions, it's like that: there are days with and days without. Today was a day without for Misaki...

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